Radix Gentianae Farm

Farm of Radix Gentianae (Long Dan Cao) in Liaoning Province

Radix Gentianae

It's the dry roots and roots of Gentiana manshurica Kitag.,Gentiana scabraBge,  Gentiana  triflora  pall. In spring and autumn two seasons, they are mining, washing, drying.


BOHERBS selected the largest domestic production base of gentiana - located in fushun, liaoning province, northeast China. Passed the national GAP (Chinese medicine production quality management standard) certification. According to fushun city government, this is China's only dragon grass GAP base.


Gentian harvesting:

Gentian mostly for the autumn harvest, as far as possible to dig the whole root, remove the stem and impurities, drying to half dry, tie dry. Under natural conditions in order to better temperature 18 to 25 . In 25  environment drying, bitter glucoside content and SheGan rate high, not suitable under the condition of above 65  drying.


Processed with gentian:

1. Gentian extract the original medicine, remove impurities and residual stems, wash, moisturize to penetrate, cut thick slices or segments, and dry. Screen for debris removal.

2. Take gentian tablet or section of wine gentian, sprinkle with rice wine, mix well, slightly dull and embellish, wait until the wine is absorbed, put into a heat shaker, heat with low heat, fry dry, remove and cool. Gentian tablets or sections per 100 kg, with rice wine of 10 kg.


Quality standard of boherbs gentianum:

The best harvest time of 3 years of living gentian, the quality of autumn adopters is better. Remove dirt, dry, or cut into sections and dry.


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